Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The rewards of rescue!

I received this short video today from a woman that adopted a dog from us about 2 years ago. What is so amazing about this video is even the vets office who surrendered him to us did not believe he was able to be rehabilitated because of the severe abuse he suffered… so severe the previous owner was convicted of animal abuse. He hated people and other dogs, he trusted no one.  He was used as a teaser dog for Pit Bulls. … I cried when I saw this!

This is a picture of the dog who is now called Einstein... taken AFTER being in the vets for a month.  Can you see why I cried such happy tears?

Here Einstein is right before he left our home to go to his forever home. With the help of our wonderful Jebediah… we were even able to get him to trust a Pit Bull and see not all Pitties wanted to eat him.   J

 Another happy ever after! 

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