Thursday, July 19, 2012

Humpty Dumpty...taste like chicken

I always get so excited when I find a farmers market in my travels.  This year it’s been tough for the fresh local produce because of the lack of rain.  So you can image how delighted I was when I came across all this at a little roadside farmers market.
Even found some raw honey!
Mr. Barnabas was also enjoying a big old wiffy of all the freshness J

Don't you even think about it Mr. !

Oh, I promise Mommy,  you can trust me.

Might as well go and enjoy it now you little stinker.
Well at least you share.

Sorry Mr. Humpty Dumpty…I really wish we could put you back together again. :/

Anywho...I have also been enjoying some yummy meals out of those goodies...not just the dogs. The peaches are so perfect...I had one with the raw honey and some lemon yogurt we get from a local farm.
(It makes me feel like I'm having dessert for breakfast...hehe)
 And one of my favorites..."avocado chicken salad"

  He satisfies your body with precious things; your youth is renewed like the eagle. Psalm 103:5

Have a blessed day everyone!



  1. Oh I just love the fresh garden food! We're planting our garden in the next fews weeks, I can't wait.
    Nola's MOm
    P.S. Your black and tan longhair is just gorgeous!

  2. Barnabas is adorable! Love the smile on his face. :-) My four love to pick the strawberries I planted (for them) and are circling the tomato plants waiting for some to be ripe enough to harvest.

  3. My guys love so many different veggies and fruits also. The minute we start cutting stuff for a salad they are all at our feet waiting for us to toss them something. :) I keep telling myself I am going to start a year I'm going to do Barnabas is one of our Therapy dogs and is the biggest love bug...the kids go nuts over him. In fact him and his fur sister will being going out this weekend to do some therapy work with their new HATS :) Well hope you all are having a wonderful day! :)