Saturday, July 28, 2012

The love bug and the land piranha

These boys could not be more different…and I’m not talking about their size.  Jebediah is 65 pounds of pure sweetness…a total love bug.  Binny Jr is…well one of my friends said it best…”3 pounds and 2 1/2 of it is teeth”.   Binny man has had a taste of every one of my friends and family. I’m the only one he has not bit…and I’m also probable the only one that loves him …LOL.   The biggest problem is he is so tiny and so cute everyone wants to touch him…and that's were always goes bad.  I need to make him a little sign that says. “Look but don’t touch”. Actually it wouldn’t help anyway because he loves the taste of ankles. When you’re not looking….he is like a land piranha and runs up on people…and chomp, chomp, chomp before they even know what hit them…he is such a little stinker. But like I said… I love him.

This photo of the Binster nestled in the crook of Daddy's arm is not the greatest but it gives you a good idea how tiny our land piranha is.

Here's an update on the pouty little puppy.
All shoes have gone into hiding.


  1. I've got an ankle biter here too!

    Lily Belle
    p.s. I'd hide my shoes too!!

  2. Beckett is my ankle biter. He loves my parents, brother and a few of my friends when they visit...but everyone else must meet the wrath of his teeth.

  3. Oh Cole your blessed to have one too. It's good Beckett has a few favorites...Binny can like someone one day and want to eat them the next.

  4. Thankfully none of mine are biters. Your little piranha is so cute
    Nola's Mom

  5. I came across this sign on Facebook. Hope you can open it

    If not, it says "WARNING! Dog seems friendly, he is not. Don't really care how much other "dogs" like you. He won't. Seriously don't try it."

    My two doxies are very cute and all teeth ;-)

    1. That's a great sign! Sadly I think by the time anyone got done reading it would be to