Friday, June 21, 2013

Beach Practice

Had some beach practice with the grandbabies yesterday. 

a.k.a. playing  in the sandbox.

Ok so maybe we didn’t have sea air or ocean waves. 
But we did have…

And some pretty neat looking clouds over our heads. 
Do you see the profile of a face blowing a cloud shaped heart?


  1. Hi Anna:
    My name is stella rose long and I am a little black pug that lives with my sister fawn pug named maggie and my baby brother pug named angus in iowa. We are all rescue pugs from the crualella deville puppy mill. Mom came across your blog this morning and wanted to tell you how much she enjoyed it. I hope you stop by ours one day soon.
    stella rose,maggie and baby gussie

    1. Stella rose,Maggie and baby Gussie...we are so glad you and your Mom stopped by and let us know your there. We will for sure check out your family. :) Have a blessed day!

  2. Oh my gosh! You got a visit from my furend Stella Rose Long. We love Stella and know that you will too.

    Look at those toes in the sand :) and your picture of the clouds..... My heart smiled at seeing that!

    Hope you and Shannie are having a wonderful time together. Happy summer!!


    1. Well any blog friend of your is a blog friend of our! Happy Summer to you all my friend!

  3. I love little Waylon's face as he discovers the texture of sand. He's just precious! Shannie is such a good big cousin to play with him.

    I love the cloud picture! God is good all the time!