Sunday, June 9, 2013

My home away from home

The picture I posted for silent Sunday yesterday was my first photo shoot in my “almost” finished studio! 

Isn’t it purdy? 

   I needed a place away from the main house and dogs to work.
When Richard was alive he could always occupy the dogs when I felt the creative juices flowing.
So this works out great. They just think I’m out in the yard or something… and have no clue I have a secret hideaway…a "home away from home". hehehehe  

Where God is taken my photography I’m not completely sure, but I have been enjoying this part of the adventure.  And I really believe Lil Ricky is a big part of it.  

Anyone that knows her can attest to this, she is ALL terrier! She is always zipping from here to there and yapping up a storm. However, when I get the camera out I can sit her anywhere and she just goes into this mode that amazes me every time. It’s like she knows what her job is.

So yesterday I took this video before the shoot so you could get a little glimpse of what I’m talking about…  

 Yes sir…she was handmade by God... just for me! J

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