Monday, June 17, 2013

It's official

Well I agree my sweet Waylon ;)
 But what I really meant was that Shannie is officially here for the summer…YIPPY!

And our adventures started with life’s simple joys.
Like this…
I was snapping some photos for something I was working on.
 And to keep Shannie occupied I gave her this old vintage camera to check out.  It’s the kind you held at waist-leave and looked down into the viewfinder.

 Well, I was right she had a blast. And while she walked around the yard spying things out to view…she quickly became my subject matter as she drew my attention with her wonder. 

I love how children find so much joy in the ordinary.  

So it turns out what I was working on fits perfect for today's post.
envisioned a picture in my mind when I read a quote recently. And this was the finish product. That I finally did get to, AFTER Shannie and I were done playing. Yes it is going to be a wonderful summer with BOTH my babies J


  1. I absolutely love your blog! I'm so glad you came back to share your life with us :) Have a great time with sweet Shannie and I will look forward to seeing tons of pics of her and Waylon. My daughter just got back from spending 2 weeks with my parents. One week for bible school and one week of just fun! My mom and she made a quilt for her bed. She is so proud. I love grammies and grandpas :)


    1. Awwww thank you Anne. I say to my Peeps often I don't understand why people outside our family enjoy this blog but I'm so happy you do. It's fun to share our life and meet great new people. :)
      And WOW a that's a awesome Grammy! I'm sure your daughter will treasure it all her life...that's just beautiful...thank you for sharing.