Saturday, June 8, 2013

My hiding place

So this is where I have been hiding.  There is something about outdoors and my flower gardens that refresh me and make me feel close to God… so I have been spending a large amount of time outdoors.

Life started in a garden and I feel my life starting again in one. 
This however was not the case in the beginning of spring.  In fact the greener it became the sadder I became.  Richard and I spent so much time outside working in the yard and enjoying it. The things that normally gave me so much joy… the sight of everything budding …the smell of fresh cut grass, the spring rains... were now like an assault on all my senses.  It just became so painful for my heart.  But after much prayer and many tears I no longer feel that way. In fact I walk around and ask God often, "Why did you bless me with such a beautiful home?….what is it all for? …what is your plan?  He hasn’t answered that yet. 
But right now it has become therapy for me and a enchanted world for Shannie... were she can do things like play princess with her toy friend Meow Meow. 

And the dogs…well they are easy…. a cool concrete
  walkway is enchanting enough for them.

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  1. Anne I keep seeing your comments in my email but not on here. Not sure if your meaning to do that. But I can't reply through the email. All those ideas have gone through my head...fine minds think alike :) Hugs!