Saturday, June 15, 2013


Well I’m probably about to share more information then any of you care to know about me. 
"Butt" it’s my blog and I’ll share if I want too…lol   
I love taking pictures of my dogs from behind. I think their tushy’s are so cute! When I look at them I imagine little faces. 
I know I can’t be the only person with this fetish…I’m not THAT special... LOL. So come on peeps fess up…how many fuzzy little tushy lovers are out there?
And if your a junkie like me here is your fix for the day. 

 Oh sorry Beasley…wrong end. But hey, if the shoe fits…


  1. I agree and will admit that I love their little rear ends.

    Your last picture today is fab!!


  2. OK, I admit it, I love their little butts too. I love my doxie, Lucy's, little swirls on each "cheek" and the way it wiggles when she trots down the sidewalk ahead of me. AND I think it's so funny that our 4 month old black lab looks like he has a "part" under his "hoo-ha" :)

    1. Oh yeah, love those Doxie swirls! And you're as bad as me...When Jasper is on his back he has a heart shaped clump of hair on his day I must post a picture.... Lol.