Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some real hope and change.

Around the end of 2011 I was feeling this nudge to start a daily journal.  Something I have done in varying degrees for many years, but never daily. I even purchased a really pretty hardcover journal to start writing in on New Year’s day 2012…. and I did just that. Then on the 11th of January that same year I started this blog. In a very short time this became my daily journal....and to be honest I’m not even sure where that hard cover journal is.  I realize now it was God going ahead of me. However he left out this one small detail when he was nudging me to journal daily. This was that it was going to be public and open for ALL to see as I would journey through the shattering of my heart and now the beginning process of Jesus picking up every scattered piece, and with all love and tenderness begin to restore my world. 

So why I’m sharing all of that is… I realized it was time to change the description of this blog… which is to the right of this post under “About our Family”.  Not that I’m going to change what I blog …but WHY I blog has changed. And the description of my life and family has forever changed.  
  I wrote the bio in the third person this time to just stretching my creative muscle. And boy oh boy it sure is challenging to write about yourself in this manner.

So this is what I came up with. 
I also added a little photo update of the pack for all my faithful doggie fans. :)

Anna started blogging to share her love of photography through the antics of a pack of dogs. She and her husband Richard fostered and rehabilitated many animals through the years as they shared a truly enchanted life in the world of dog rescue. Serving God in this very unique way became a life of great joy for them both.  In August of 2012 Richard was suddenly and unexpectedly promoted to Heaven. With that heartbreaking loss a new journey and season began for Anna. One she now shares openly in this blog.  The journey is real… sometimes raw and sometimes downright heart wrenching, but also filled with hope and encouragement that there is life after suffering such great loss. She continues to share her journey through the antics of the pack and the love of the lens.  She does this because the heart of a rescuer is the heart of a rescuer….whether it be two legged or four legged they want to see those who suffer set free from their pain. She hopes by sharing her journey that it may somehow comfort others and help them to “live like someone left the gate open”…..FREE!  Anna always believed every dog they cared for had a story and because they had made it into rescue that story had a “happy ever after”.  Now through the strength she draws from her faith in a God that has been relentlessly kind to her…the love of her family and friends and of course through the crazy antics of a pack of dogs… she is learning to believe she still has a “happy ever after” as well. Thank you for stopping by and sharing the journey with her.


  1. That was heart wrenching yet BEAUTIFUL at the same time. When you think about it, that's how life is.

    I think it is a wonderful write-up. It is written from your heart and your soul.

    I just know, that there is a Happy Ever After waiting for all of us!

    That took a lot of strength and courage and I'm VERY proud of you.


    1. Oh Kim it did! Thank you for seeing that. You have to do a lot of personal reflection to write in the 3rd person about yourself. Which I'm sure that's why God had me do it that way. But I must say it was through many tears. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I love you blogger friend!

  2. Anna,
    You have a beautiful soul, a magical lens, and you write from the heart. I love your blog. Though sometimes it breaks my heart, it is also enlightening and encouraging.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sharon, super buck's and princess gabriella's mom.

    1. Anna thank you so much...everyone's kind words encourage me to continue. Richard was my biggest fan and since his death I find myself missing how he cheered me on. THANK YOU for sharing and letting me know your out there!

  3. Anna,
    I like your new blog description too. I am glad you are posting again. I commented on your return that first day but I must have did something wrong because it didn't show up that I posted.
    Anyway, I said that I had missed your inspirational blogs, that your grandchildren were still beautiful and that I hoped your summer will be great. :)
    I loved seeing the doggie pictures today.
    Jane and Sambo

    1. HI JANE! Yes blogger must be glitching yet again. I have had a few comments do that. But I'm so glad your here and enjoying yourself! :) I'm hoping that great summer right back at you. THE REST OF THIS YEAR IS GONNA BE THE BEST OF THIS YEAR! That's what I've been holding on to.