Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tumbleweed wisdom

However, when they are little let them be cowboy’s ALL they want.

My daughter Sharayah, Shannie and I had some great giggles yesterday getting that shot of Waylon.

And our sweet tumbleweed was just as CONTENT as can be...as we giggled and I snapped away.
Yup, I think we have another little model in the family.

I told my daughter when he grows up we'll be very glad we have so many fun pictures of him.  He however may not be so happy about it…lol

I was listening to a talk show this morning about the healing power of laughter. No wonder I always feel refreshed being around my grandbabies.

Incidentally, anyone recognize where the hat and boots are from?

Well Peeps, have a belly laughing good day!


  1. Just look at his grin in that first picture. Amazing!

    Keep taking them beautiful pictures. When Waylon has his first girlfriend, I'm sure she will enjoy seeing them {tee-hee-hee}


    p.s. Love the new botox look on little Ricky.

    1. BOTOX ROFL....yes she is so vain...hehehe. Oh and don't worry the pictures will keep coming. At this point in my life I think the camera would need to be surgically removed to get me to stop...LOL

  2. I know, I know, the hat and boots come from Poppy the Puppy :)


    1. And the winner is.... YOU! LOL. I guess you pay attention girl!