Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Surf and turf

Yesterday I felt like I was plopped down in the middle of the great State of Texas. 

 But actually I was down the road at my sister’s house visiting, and these are her friendly neighbors.
Aren’t they COOL! 

I’m so glad I didn’t bring that little Miss Ricky the “teacup” Yorkie with me.;) She would have gone a cattle rustling for sure… fearless thing that she is.

Anyway, these magnificent creatures are Scottish Highland cows. The farmer shows them at farm shows. And they are prize winners. :)   

They are beautiful, but I sure wouldn’t want to "live like someone left the gate open" with these guys around. 

I don’t know Peter Rabbit you might not wanna go in there…

 Well, the fun didn’t stop with the cows…I was also able to watch Shannie tame Shamu…hehehehe 

Yes it was a surf and turf kind of day. 
Thank you sis for all the great food,fun and sisterly chitter chatter. I always love our time together. :)

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