Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Merry Widow

I love old sheet music and had been on the lookout for some to place on the piano. Not that I can play or read it.
I just think its charming looking. 

So recently I finally scored some at a flea market. I dug through a pile about 8 inches thick for the ones with the best graphics on the cover.  There was however one I bought not because the cover was anything special ….but it was the name on it that caught my eye.

I have to say my first thought was who would name a waltz
“The Merry Widow”?   But then I found myself smiling as I was standing there looking at this sheet music in my hands.
The flea market was in this grove of trees in the middle of a field on a very lovely spring day. I was there with some of my besties.  And I was really having a nice time. I though Lord this is truly what you want for me… to be merry even widowed.
The word say in all things give thanks…Not that we are to be thankful for "all" thing. I’m not thankful that I’m widowed by no means. But I am thankful that "in" this God has shown me a depth of His great love.  A love, so kind so tender and so unfailing that it can make even a widow merry.


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