Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Footprints in the...


Having a pack of dog at spring thaw can sometimes be nightmarish. Ugh!  

 I’m sure most of you have read the poem footprints in the sand. You may even have a rendition of it hanging on your wall. I’ll admit it is a moving and comforting reminder that God carries us through our hardest trials in life. However  in this season of my life my terrain sure isn’t some white, spongy sand on a picturesque beach…which is often what is depicted with this poem. Mine is more like a stinky, shoe sucking mud right up to your knees, mucky marsh hole. The kind of terrain that no matter how hard you try you find it impossible not to get covered head to toe in mud.
But the beauty I have also found in all or this is the end result is still the same. Jesus still comes at your muddiest moments, scoops your slimy muddy self right up into His loving arms and carries you right on through that shoe sucking mud up to your knees mucky marsh hole.

Now if I could only figure out how to be god to a pack of dogs and get them through spring thaw....LoL


  1. You got us laughing there!

    And I thought muddy yards were yuck with 2 little one's. You've got a whole house full :)


    1. They get very acquainted with the tub this time of

  2. Mud is the reason I really dislike spring. I grew up on a farm and got my boots sucked off many times in the cattle yard :)