Thursday, March 21, 2013

Love triangle

Well Jazzy finally fell in love…

 …but not with me as you can see.

Nope, this 3 pound little stinker Stole my man!

Look at her gloat!

He just wants you for your toy friend silly girl.

Seriously what Jasper has fallen in love with is this blue bobo toy of Lil Ricky’s. He somehow absconded it from her a few weeks ago. I often find him like this with it in his mouth. That’s how he always walked around with Daddy’s dirty socks. So I guess this is his way of healing. I’m just really happy to see him love something again…who cares if it’s a blue bobo…lol


  1. Jasper, if it's that little blue Bobo that is helping to heal your heart, then I say GO FOR IT! I know your Daddy is looking down on you smiling. His love will never go away. Perhaps he put a little drop of his love on that Bobo just for you.


    1. Awwwww that's a nice thought...we is gonna believe that with ya :)