Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.

I realized the process I go through when I put a puzzle together is very much like the process I go through facing life’s challenges. 

I always put all the edges together first.  Helps me get the vision and makes me feel like I accomplished something.
Then I start looking at all the pieces I have left.  At that point I always get a bit overwhelmed and walk away for a while.  
But every time I pass by I scan the pieces on the table and more often than not I find nothing at first. That’s when I usually get a little frustrated and say to myself “why did I even start this puzzle?…this one is just too hard.” But just as I’m about to pack it all back into the box I find two pieces that fit together and I feel that spark of inspiration again.  
Then I look at the picture on the box and look at the pieces …over and over again….at first it’s pretty much only by the shape of the pieces that I’m able to put anything together.
But the more I look at the box and then at the pieces I start seeing the picture in the pieces.  And at that point it’s just a relaxing enjoyable puzzle as I watch it all come together.   
So this is pretty much how I tackle life’s puzzles….I look at it, get a game plan, think I have it all figured out then I see how many scattered pieces there are and just want to give up. But God comes along and gives me some kind of hope as He gives me a small glimpse of the picture. At first all I may see is shapes but the more I look to Him (because without Him the puzzle will never fit together) and look at the piece of my life over and over again I start to see the picture in the pieces.  And as I rest in Him I find myself able to relax and enjoy the puzzle of my life as I watch it all come together once again.  J 
I guess that is why puzzle therapy works for me. 

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