Monday, March 18, 2013

I want to shoot the world.

A statement only a photographer can make and not be considered deranged... 

When I was young I had such a desire to travel the world. I dreamed about breaking free and leaving my little town. But as I got older and became such a homebody I chalked those feelings up to what most young people go through when their time to leave the nest arrives. Yes, at that age we want to fly high and we want to fly fast. 

So as I find myself having this desire to travel the world after so many years of feeling completely the opposite, it shocks me. I even went as far as to get my passport renewed after many years of being lapsed.

However unlike when I was young my reasons to want to travel have changed greatly. It is not because I want to break free of my world. I still feel in many ways a homebody. Now my reasons to want to travel are to photograph and capture some of this amazing world that God has created. 
And maybe even do some mission work. 

So when, where, how and what I'm I gonna do with a pack of dogs in the mean time... I don't know. That is for my dear husband (Jesus ... That's what I call Him now) to decide.  

Until then I'll keep shooting this world ... Because it's pretty amazing too. 
What I love about this next shots is not just the subjects. It’s the story behind the shirt Shannie is wearing. It was Poppy’s. She dug it out of my drawer and immediately claimed it as hers. She said it smells like Poppy and she just sat on the couch pulling it up to her nose giving it long big sniffs. This is why I love photography. As she grabbed her little buddy and was savoring the moment I got to capture the joy on her face and forever when I look at this picture I will always remember why. (One thing that puzzled me though was I had washed this shirt since Richard passed away…but I didn’t tell her that.)


  1. I have a need to travel, too. My wanderlust gets bad in the spring and summer. If you're looking for some great pictures to take, you're always welcome to our little corner of the south.

    1. Do you think the cats would mind a pack of dogs? One day I would love to come see you guys...and I promise I will leave most of the dogs home... 3 pound Lil Ricky however will most likely be shoved in my purse...hehehe