Sunday, March 24, 2013

Silent Sunday


  1. Such a beautiful rememberance!


  2. Such a beautiful picture of daddy and his pups enjoying the sunshine.

    Have you made a picture book of Richard and Shannie for Shannie? Not to get all up in your business or anything :) but my kids enjoy looking at their pictures of my father-in-law and telling stories about him and he went home 13 years ago. My son works at the nursing home in our town and some of the old men love the fact that he is Ken's grandson and they tell him stories :)

    1. Yes Shannie has her own photo album with all her favorite pictures in it. I love that Shannie loves to talk about Poppy and we often have great conversations and lots of giggles over our memories of him...something I want to stay alive in her for her lifetime. Their bond was very, very special and I'm believing God that one day she will choose her husband based on how special Poppy made her feel and never settle for anything less than that. Thank you for getting up in my shows you care :)

      Have beautiful blessed day my friend!