Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The gift of tears

I have so many amazing friends all who in many ways bless me. But today I want to share a story about one of my dear friends and something she did for me recently and I'm sure she doesn't even know it.  

She walked into my daughters baby shower crying... Her tears were not about the celebration of my soon coming Grandson....although that was a most tear worthy event... and her being one of my peeps knows the miracle of this more than most.  No her tears were not tears of joy. They were tears of sorrow because, as she put it, when she pulled into our church parking lot for the first time since Richard went home to Jesus she became overwhelmed.  She missed him. The fact that she didn't hold back her tears was a gift to my aching heart that meant more to me then I can say.  Because even in the most joyous of moments there is still this pain in my soul that I carry everywhere I go. 

I know only a person who has gone through  great loss can know it's ok to do what she did...And believe me she has...in fact I believe she has felt levels of sorrow I can't even imagine because she has buried a child.  Something my mind can't even wrap itself around. 
Sharing your tears with those who have lost a loved one is a precious gift to them that mourn. It tells us you have not forgotten the one we can never forget. 
I know many people are afraid that if they share their moments of sorrow with you when it looks like you are happy and full of joy that they will just cause you to hurt....but what most people don't understand is you are already hurting and to know someone is feeling your pain is comforting.

So my dear Christine thank you for just being you. We have shared many tears together over the years….but also much laughter. Yes no one can make me laugh harder than this woman. She is the one that has named our little group of friends the Os-born-agains. That was around the time the reality show The Osbournes was popular...and also the day she shot a rubber band across the room in a church we were visiting and hit the Pastor in the family jewels. But that's another blog for another day ...maybe....lol

 Thank you for all the tears and all the laughter you are a treasure my friend! 

P.S. Christine I thought maybe I shouldn't share that family jewels story but after your post on my FB I feel sooooooo ok about it now....LOL


  1. Praise God for Christine! She is a treasure.

    I'm glad you shared this...I have hid my tears for that exact reason, I didn't want to cause pain. It's easy to share the happy memories that make us smile and laugh, but the tears are also needed.

    Hugs, Anne

    1. Yes Praise God for wonderful friends...they are our treasure for sure!
      Thank you for sharing that I'm so glad my point made sense...sometimes I wonder if it does. I do truly know why the word says the Lord collects our tears...they are priceless. :)

  2. Indeed, Christine is a TRUE friend!

    And what a beautiful baby shower it was.


    Of course you will HAVE to tell us the rubber band story.....

    1. We were at a church helping unpack boxes for a multiple church event that was taken place in our area. Christine motioned to get my attention and pointed to a friend of ours across the room (It was Irbert the Dr. I blogged about. ) she had this brilliant idea to shoot this large rubber band she found at him. When she did it was like something out of a cartoon… Irbert who was totally unaware of any of this ducked to get something out of a box just as it would have hit him and it wized over his head right into the Pastor's (you know what’s) who was standing there talking to another Pastor. I didn’t help matters much because I didn’t see at first were it went so I was really loudly saying “Where’d you hit him…where’d you hit him!” Needless to say we got a pretty stern look of great disapproval from the Pastor. We were so mortified and feeling like such a wretched representation of our church on the ride home and completely in the dumps. One of us said “My goodness we must have looked like the Osbourne’s!” (Because like I said the show was popular at the time and all over the TV.) that’s when Christine piped in “no we are the Os- born-agains.” And we all busted into much needed laughter. And so that’s our dirt and how we became the Osbornagains. LOL