Saturday, March 2, 2013

Scientific proof...

...That creepy crawlers are even more creepy under a microscope! 

Shannie and I spent the morning looking at anything we could think of under the microscope.
I have to say I feel itchy now….some of it is pretty creepy. 

 I’m also starting to get a little concerned that  I have created some mad scientist…(like the ones from an old black and white movie)... as I watch Shannie determining how she can pluck some of Gwenies hair out to look at it under a slide.

Having a wonderful Saturday with my BFF J


  1. Indeed... you've created a mad little scientist. Just look at that {giggle} evil look on her face :)

    Run Gwenie, run!


    1. Oh know that face scared me Poor Gwenie didn't run ...she now has a little less hair but she lived...And her love for her mad little girlie has not waned one iota. LOL

      Hows the family storm going?....Hang on to your Toto's it will be over before you know it ;)

  2. I love it! Just don't buy her a chemistry set...she might blow the place up :)

    1. Oh my goodness she would send us straight off to Poppy and Jesus for sure! LOL....Ok don't tempt me ;)