Monday, November 26, 2012

15 minutes of fame

My dear little cousin said to me this Thanksgiving weekend as I gathered with loved ones. “Take my picture and put it on your blog because I want to be famous.” 
Ok so he has us on a wee bit of a pedestal…hahaha
Of course I had to oblige…and like any good cousin… no matter how old you are…I felt completely compelled to post the pictures of him being teased.
Lil Ricky and Shannie make a great double team for that.

When you get around family you find things out about yourself.  I realized why I hate my picture taken and why I stay on the other side of the camera.... It’s in my genes!  No adult wanted their picture taken and although I made them anyway I promised not to blog them. So you will just have to take my word for it that we had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend together.

We had great fun with photo booth on my ipad…and laugh so hard we hurt!
This app should be required at all family functions…lol

Lil Ricky got passed around like a turkey leg.
And the only willing subject besides my fame hungry cous that would allow me to post his picture was my sweet brother- in- law.
This is a man that deserves more then 15 minutes of fame because he served us for many years in the U.S. Navy, which he just recently retired from.
Thank you Glen we are proud of you brother!
Oh and he made the wonderful turkey!
So Brian and Glen say goodbye to your privacy…because I’m most certain the minute this post the paparazzi will be camped at your doorstep.
Thank You to all my family for making my Thanksgiving beautiful!   I could not have made it through without you.
I love you all dearly!

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  1. What a great Thanksgiving you had! As hard as it was for you, you were strong enough to get through it. For that we are thankful!!

    What a great family and very photogenic too. Love the description of Little Ricky being passed around; that was good.

    And please thank your brother in law for serving!