Monday, November 19, 2012

Rescuing the rescuer.

Lil Ricky meeting new friends down at the stable this weekend. She was ok till the horse snorted right in her face.  
My friend and I laughed really hard at her reaction to that.
I know, what a mean Mommy…lol
I guess I’d be scared too if I had someone  blowing snot in my face whose pile of poo poo was bigger than I am.
I have to say I sure do enjoy watching her experience life and we do have some great adventures together. Some have just been the places I have snuck her into..hehehehe.
I think her favorite was Red Lobster…or maybe that’s just mine and I’m looking for an excuse to go back.
My friend said the most profound thing to me about Lil Ricky.
She said " I think this one  rescued  you."

Hummmm...what do you think Lil Ricky?


  1. No doubt about it! But me thinks her tag is bigger than her.

    That's too funny about the horse. I would have been very afraid too. I would even be worried that I would step on her and smush her to pieces.

    Hey, Red Lobster was none the wiser! And yes, a very good excuse to go back and eat there again. Yummy!!


    1. Hehe... that's not really her tag...I just happened to have it in the house...I don't even remember where it came from. She just tried to eat it the whole time it was on her
      You are so right about being afriad of smushing her. Anytime she is out of her gated area running around we all just freeze because it like she tries to get under your foot...silly little munchkin!

      Red Lobster was none the wiser... nor was she...she just slept the whole time in her bag. Hey lobster is still bigger then she is....crayfish are lobster to her....hehehehe

  2. Red Lobster ... I just want Lobster now and a Lil Ricky Puppy in my pocket too. She's so stinking cute and I would have had a giggle fit too. ;)

    Sarah & the Weens