Friday, November 16, 2012

Sightseeing in Heaven

Ok I knew she was perfect but now she has sealed the deal for my heart.

Look how fascinated she is with the snowflakes on this bag. Oh my lil fuzzy snowflake loving soulmate!  hehehehehe

If you have read this blog for a while or know me personally you know I LOVE snow… I mean really, really LOVE it… absolutely adore it!
I turn into a giddy little girl the minute I see it and still play in it till my nose and toes are frozen.
I love the way it smells, taste, feels and most of all I love the overwhelming feeling of peace that always comes when the earth is blanketed with it and everything seems to just be still.  
Have you been to the warehouses where snow is stored
Job 38:22 
~No…but I sure know the first place I’m going to be visiting with my honey when I get to heaven…giggle!


  1. Well, well, I can see you shop at Targer too!?? Bought those same cards this year! You've got good taste along with Little Ricky.

    I happen to love the fresh fallen snow too. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see any this year before we left for Florida. Next time you're out in it, catch a flake on your tongue for me.


    1. Yes I love Target! They always have something with a dachshund on it. This however was not is a bag. But now I have to go back and look for those cards! LOL
      And yes my lovely friend I will savor a snowflake or "50" for you ...hehehehehe

  2. I LOVE snow and we rarely get any here on the Oregon coast but when we do it's pure fresh scented heaven drops that's for sure! Ricky is just precious!! ;)
    ~ Sarah & the Weens

    1. Thank you ...she is a joy. And fresh scented heaven drops is a perfect description of snow!