Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Honey do list

I was being silly with the Lord one day recently and changed the title of my prayer list to “my Honey do list”. I figured Lord since you’re my husband now that’s what I’ll call it. hehehehe.  Any religious folks out there are probable gasping with horror…but the Lord knows my heart and I mean no disrespect at all.  So I'm telling you all this so I can make clear to my snow hating friends how blessed they really are. Yes snow was on that list… but I didn't just write snow, I wrote "SNOW, BIG SNOW!" So my Honey was kind to you by dumping only these few inches. Well anyway the dogs and I sure enjoyed ourselves immensely.
Thank you Honey!



Snowflake, snowflake on my fur
Snowflake, snowflake you make me BRRRR
Snowflake, snowflake that’s ok
I’ll get warm another day
So please Mr. Snowflake won’t you stay


1 comment:

  1. We love the idea of calling it "your honey do list!" I think it's very appropriate.

    And who doesn't love seeing all those precious little one's running and playing in the snow. Just don't lose Little Ricky out there!