Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I have the proof...

Binny does sleep with one eye open!
This is why no ankles are safe in our home.

While Binny may startle all my friends. 
What gets me lately... is this fake stuffed Gwenie.
Shannie got this last weekend and left it on the guest room bed before she went home. So every time I walk into the room I startle myself for a second... thinking... ”Oh my goodness how did Gwenie get on that high bed?!”And then because it looks like she/it is about to jump I run to catch her/it ... and then realize yet again what my eyes are really seeing.  You would think Id just move the thing... wouldnt that be brilliant?!..lol  
So I guess what I really have proof of is Binny sleeps with one eye open and hes probable laughing his fuzzy little butt off every time he sees me jump in a heroine attempt to save a stuffed toy.


  1. Sometimes in life I guess we all need to save a little stuffie every now and then. I would be doing the exact same thing! So fear not, you are NOT alone there.

    We use to know a man who slept with both eyes open. Now that's creepy!!


    1. That is creepy...I wont tell Binny and give him any ideas...lol

  2. If they know you will be a heroine for a stuffed animal then they must know you would be one for them.

    1. They better know it...because my whole life has gone to the dogs...lol