Friday, November 23, 2012

I see Jesus

People’s acts of kindness have more impact on me then they will ever know right now.
The word says that God has poured out his love into our hearts. What that says to me is God shows his love through our love for one another and every time someone does even the smallest kindness for me …I see Jesus
With every text that just says …I love you
…I see Jesus
With every phone message that says I’m thinking of you….
…I see Jesus
With ever kind word written or spoken to me
…I see Jesus
With every thoughtful gift… from postcards to flowers…to even bags of coffee :)

 (Sorry Wawa family...what can I say...I'm grieving.)

And everything in-between…

...I see Jesus.
You have become his voice for me…loud and clear telling me he loves me….he’s thinking of me…he is with me.
Now my pray is Lord let someone see you in me today.
Let me be your voice loud and clear as your pour out your love into my heart for them.

Let them see Jesus too.


  1. Another beautiful post Anna!

    We hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


    1. We did Kim thank you...hope you did as well :)