Friday, November 30, 2012

Dinner for almost 4

I hosted my very first dinner party since Richard went home to Jesus. It was small only 3 of us…well almost 4 because my daughter was there with that beautiful grandbaby growing inside her. J

I just made homemade soup and salad.
And we had this yummy cake for dessert.
I think you can gain weight just looking at this…lol.

And of course the only way to truly end all the festivities is while you walk the guest out your naughty little puppy eats the toilet paper roll.

I hope I made you proud my love...Our home is still a sanctuary for our friends and family… it may be a lot simpler but it’s still done with much love! J


  1. And we commend you Anna for having such a beautiful dinner party! Everything looks so yummy and beautiful (even the little furry one with the TP hanging out.)

    Home is where the heart is.....


    1. Well then my home is for sure in heaven ;)