Saturday, December 1, 2012

Joy to the world!

I couldn’t bring myself to pull out our Christmas decorations this year…just to many memories that I’m not ready to deal with yet.  But I do feel in the Christmas spirit and wanted to decorate some. So I decided to start over and do something totally different this Christmas.  First my tree is definitely not traditional in the least…
And I decided the theme was going to be JOY. 

Because despite my present sorrow…. this is the most Joyous time of the year. And the truest reminder that I won’t sorrow forever. How could you not celebrate that…and with great …
So it’s a start and I’ll add more as I find things that say me.
And just imagine how excited I was to find everywhere I looked around the house the Christmas spirit was spreading!
Really all I wish for this Christmas is for all my loved ones, myself and everyone who has suffered sorrow this year to have JOY and to have it overflowing and in abundance!



  1. What's that saying.... By joves, I think you've got it!

    Love the idea of your non-traditional tree. I can totally understand not wanting to put up your regular tree. Now, that's thinking outside the box. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction. Joy, joy, joy! What an awesome "theme" for this year.

    I'm struggling here knowing that we are spending Christmas this year in my Mom's house away from the remainder of my family. It will be nice to have a quieter holiday for a change. Yes, we are shipping Grandpa Bob back to NY for 3 weeks. He will stay with my brother and his family. (It's about time my brother does something for his father too!) But just the same, there are so many wonderful memories here of time spent with my Mother. Yes, it's a struggle every day, but at Christmas even harder. My emotions run on high daily. So I can relate to how you are feeling my friend. Now I need to take some of your good advice and stop wallowing in my sorrow and try to start feeling the JOY once again.

    Thanks for listening.


    1. Awww Kim girl I hope you do find the joy I know that must be in your Moms home not just the ache of missing her. You are such a blessing to me I'm here anytime you need to share....snot away if you need to. Only thing is you will have to clean up your own screen ...I haven't figured out were that tab is yet in Bloggerville ;)
      Now wrap Grandpa Bob up good and secure before you ship him. I think a nice red bow would be so festive this time of year.
      And tell your brother he better treat our Grandpa Bob real good because NY isn't to far for me to come and rescue him if need be....LOL
      Big Hugs and BIG JOY!

  2. p.s. I forgot to tell you that the puppers look so beautiful all dressed up! Looking at them, well that's pure JOY!

    1. I still giggle when I look at those picture....hehehehehe Glad you enjoyed also :)