Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sweet Dreams!

I actually dream about Richard a lot lately. What I find unusual about all theses dreams is I'm never amazed or shocked to see him. I guess I miss him so much in my awake world it's weird to me that I don't jump up and down or go mad with excitement when I see him in my dreams. But instead it's like my mind forgets he is gone in my sleep and when he is in my dreams we are just doing our normal things together...working around the house or sitting together talking and laughing or playing with the dogs...just casual everyday life things....Like he's not gone. It's actually very comforting....and I wake up with so much peace from theses dreams. I don't ever want him to fade from my memory and I love remember him this way because the pain isn't with it like it is when I think of him during waken hours. Those thoughts are always followed by the thought that he is not here and that brings the pain. So this gives a whole new meaning to sweet dreams for me....and I pray they last forever :)

Unlike this picture of the dogs waiting at the gate for me to open it so they can go night, night. In my dreams I live like someone left the gate open :)

 I saw this on Facebook after I posted...but I had to add it!