Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pony rides in the living room

Today is my Christmas with Shannie.  She and the dogs are having pony rides in the living room.
And as you can see having a blast!   
She wanted this stuffed horse so bad when we saw it in a store a few months ago. So I went back to get it... but had to send it to my friend’s house to hide. Then we almost forgot about
This is why I don't shop early!

Shannie loves stuffed animals more then any child I've ever known.
So this was a great surprise to her. 

(That looks like a horse whisperer in the making to me

We are also getting all our snow gear ready for a major snowstorm here on the east coast.  Because you know my little buddy and I are going out to play in it till our nose and toes are froze...giggle!
So this was our joyful...


  1. So cute! My grandson Gabe love stuffed animals too and dinosaurs and my sister got him a huge stuffed dinosaur! Wishing you the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ today and always.

    1. Diane isn't it wonderful with all the technology out there we have grandbabies who still love the simple things in life...maybe we ARE doing something right ;)

      Blessings and hugs to you dear friend!

  2. Again, you and Shannie have melted my heart with that first picture. Look at all your beautiful babies! She sure is having fun with her horse.

    Stay safe in the storm. I hear its going to be a doozy.


    1. Your just a sap for doggies and
      The storm wasn't as bad as expected...and we still have power!
      So all is well :)