Monday, December 10, 2012

Confess your faults one to another…

I’m I the only person who goes Christmas shopping for loved ones and comes home with trinkets for myself?  I had a three dog night last shopping trip…I know like I need more dogs…even inadament ones…lol.
 But I couldn't pass on theses sweet finds. 
believe this dog is a vintage Cracker Jack toy. And hey it's teal...I don't care if it was a booger...if it's teal I'll buy it! (Psst...I wasn't sure how to spell the word I googled it...never ever, ever do this my friends...the pictures that come up will make you throw up!)
Ok moving on... the Scotty below is one from a pair of megnetic Spunky dogs... you know I'm now compelled to find his black mate.
So the reason I had to get these two mini’s is this ween below was lonely and needed some friends. That makes perfect sense now doesn't it?!

Yes I love doggies of all kind…but it always comes back around to Dachshunds...this teapot is one of my favorites in my collection.  
  But I believe the find of the year for my doggie collection...(with the exception of Lil Ricky...she beats everyone out...hehehe) ... going to be this guy I found on my 3 dog night.
He is a 3 piece chocolate mold from the 20’s maybe 30’s made in Germany of Bonzo the dog by Anton Reiche Dresden. That’s all the info I can find on him other than he is rare.  If anyone out in blogger world can give me more info on him and what he might be worth. I would love to hear from you.
Ok so now I have to get my real Christmas shopping done...pray for me peeps so my kids don't have to put me on that hoarder show one!
Here comes Anna Claus...Here comes Anna Claus...


  1. Three dog shopping trip.... Are we supposed to start singing Jeremiah was a bulldog? I will you know, just dare me..... I think you are totally insane and I love it ~ I would do the very same thing! Find little dog's for my collection definately beats out buying prezzies for someone else. So to you I shout "YOU GO GIRL!"

    Now tell me, what type of stores did you find those little goodies at? Antique shops? Cuz you know I'll be out hunting any doxie trinkets I can find.


    1. Kim I really believe because we live in a tourist attraction area we have the best vintage, collectable, trinket shops...I know I'm blessed. Oh and isn't that song called JOY to the world...yes that is so fitting for this I love that song and 70's music ...but I can't listen to it right now because it reminds me to much of Richard. But one day it will be a joyful memory when the edges of the pain are not so sharp.

  2. Anna, I looked and looked and found lots of info on Anton Reiche's moulds.... and this is the best site I found....

    It is really cool that you have found these "trinkets", I love them!

    1. Sharon thank you so much! I will check it out :) Big hugs girl!

  3. I am so sorry .. I am still laughing about "booger" I am just that immature. :)

    You've made my day. I love your finds!!!!

    1. Laugh all you like just don't google