Friday, December 7, 2012

Santa’s watching

Well now that Lil Ricky is finally big enough I can let her have short supervised torture… I mean play sessions with her furry sibs.

Really do you hate me... did I pee in your shoe or something when I was a pup and that's why you let this thing torment me?! 

UT OH... this time it looks as if queen munchkin may have bitten off more then she can chew. Whoy called for backup!
But the good thing about being a midget is you can squeeze into the tiniest places when your big shot attitude gets you backed into a corner.

Well after all that naughtiness Lil Ricky is going to do some niceness and help Santa Paws and go do some therapy work with her fur brother today.

Gots to stay on that good list ya know ;) 

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