Monday, December 24, 2012

My birthday present sucks

Well yesterday was my birthday….
I couldn’t tell blogville because it was Silent Sunday ;)
I was just really trusting God to get me through the day. Knowing it was going to be one of the tough ones. Richard always celebrated my birthday as if it was the biggest holiday of the year. I think he loved me or something ;)
I did have a lovely day with friends and family and I ended it quietly relaxing with the pack watching The Sound of Music on TV…. one of my favorite older movies.
I can’t say tears didn’t come from time to time as memories would flood my mind of past birthdays and some of the ways Richard just celebrated me. (I will always miss that) But all and all …I made it. Because like the woman in this painting that Richard gave me one year. I stay at the feet of Jesus to get through.

I did however do something special for myself.  I got a Birthday/Christmas gift.  A Dyson vacuum… which is a dream for person with a pack of dogs.

I know… Richard was much more extravagant….In fact if he would have given me a vacuum for my birthday and furthermore combined it with my Christmas gift ….I would have slugged him…lol. But I guess I’m more practical. I can't even tell you how excited I was when I found out this thing had an attachment to do fan blades...Richard always did them for me on all the fans in the house... so only God knew how special that would be to me. And anything that makes my life easier right now I’ll take! However I thank God it was the only thing about my Birthday that sucked…lol.  My other gifts did not in the least... and made me feel very blessed and thought of.  Here are the ones I can show you....but the lovely meal my Daughter made me I devoured before I thought to take a picture of

Oh but I did get a picture of my ice cream cake....yum yum! 

 I was shocked when I got on Google and clicked on it to see which famous person’s birthday I must share that they changed their logo….and the “Happy Birthday Anna” came up. That made me LOL!

Another excited surprises yesterday was dear friends of mine had their baby! She was due Christmas day. But I guess she didn't see the tag that said "do not open till Christmas"...giggle
World meet Grace Lauren!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear sweet child!
May you never know a painful one all the days of your life.
And may you always be surrounded by people that celebrate you!


    BAD ME.


    1. Thank you Jo...He loves you too my friend!

  2. Happy Birthday Anna! I can't imagine the emotions you went through yesterday, and I'm so sorry that you had to experience that type of pain. But you're a strong woman and you made it! In the end it sounds like you had a great day with family and friends. And to end it watching The Sound of Music ~ delightful! One of my very fav's.

    Nice gift. I would have went out and bought diamonds... :)They're more fun.

    Ohhhhh a beautiful baby Grace is! Congrat's to your friend.

    Merry Christmas. I hope that your holiday will be filled with many blessings.


    1. Kim I'm glad you can't imagine it and I hope you never know anything but JOY for all your birthdays...Big hugs my friend...hope your having a Merry Christmas!

      PS. I guess the only diamonds I'm getting this year was the diamond snow from the other

    2. Happy belated birthday sweet Anna! I'm sorry your heart is hurting this season. I'm very glad you have many family and friends who love you and surround you with JOY! You are a brave, strong woman. May God continue to give you the strength you need each day.

      God bless you and your puppies :)

      Merry Christmas,