Thursday, December 13, 2012


I do believe as a society we over humanize dogs. Like believing they are spiteful so that’s why they chewed our favorite pair of shoes …or they know they did something wrong, that’s why they look guilty.  Dogs don’t process like we do and we often give them human characteristics.
I do however believe they grieve and I often wonder if Jasper is having a “I really miss Daddy day” when I find him doing things like resting on Daddy’s pillow?

I wonder if he dreams of Daddy too?
Never have I seen a dog love a man like this dog loved Richard. I can’t even say I’ve ever had a bond with a dog like they had.
I never would have believed this dog could survive without him….then again I never thought I could either.

Yeah little buddy I miss him too…come on lets go for a walk…


  1. Always love to read about "heart dogs." Lily is my heart dog and at almost 9 years old, still acts like a baby. She always has to be touching me or nuzzling up by my neck. Sounds like Jasper is missing his Daddy very much; and rightfully so!

    Muffin had problems when my Mom died (Muffin was her dog.) They were inseparable for 3 years. It was really hard on Muffin because she didn't understand. I took a lot of Mom's clothes and laid them around the house so that Muffin could smell her. Then slowly I started taking the clothes away so her scent got less and less. I believe it helped. But... Still to this day when we first arrive here at the house in Florida, Muffin still runs around looking for her. It always chokes me up when she does that. It probably doesn't help that I too walk in the house and say "I'm home Mom." I still feel my Mom here and I pray that NEVER changes!

    Please tell Jasper that Daddy is always with him. I truly believe that.

    Yup, that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

    Now I need to find that box of kleenex.....

    1. Kim one day we will be home again for good with the ones we love...until then we will snot together...pass the kleenex please.

      Also tell Muffin the same about Mom :)


  2. What a sweet post today! Definitely another "tissue needed"
    post. I have been wondering how Jasper is doing. May I ask how old he is? My little black and tan Oscar was that way with me. I often worried about it too. He had to have back surgery at five years old and be in the hospital for two weeks! I went everyday to see him and sometimes twice a day. :) I don't know if it was harder on him or me but we survived and I was able to have him for another year and a half. I had to say goodbye to him this past May due to IVDD again. I just couldn't put him thru another surgery and it hurt me so much to know he was in pain. The medicine and rest didn't work. So this Christmas I am remembering all of our fun times and now I have a another little black and tan dachshund puppy named Sambo. He is eight months old and looking forward to his stocking goodies. He has helped in the healing of my loss of Oscar. So Anna as you plan for your Christmas without Richard we know you are a survivor because you have your family's support, your friends and your church family to see you thru and of course the little furry ones too! Oh and Lil Ricky is adorable!!

    1. Mr. Jasper turned 6 two days after Richard went home to the Lord. We got him when he was 8 weeks old....and he was Daddy's from day one :) IVDD is such an issue with these little guys...I have a few that suffer from it but we have always been able to get then back up with crate rest and my vet does acupuncher treatments...that has worked wonders. I'm so sorry to hear about your Oscar...I'm gonna ask Jesus to make sure Oscar and Richard get to meet....because if he looks like Jazzy...I'm sure they will be the best of buddies ...May you and Sambo have a blessed Christmas...I know what you mean about him being a comfort...all my guys are that for me. :) I now realize God knew it was going to take a pack of dogs to get me through this...because they need me so much it gives me a reason to survive :)