Friday, December 7, 2012

It's beginning to look alot MORE like Christmas.

In my travels this week I found some more baubles for my first Christmas without my Santa Clause…AKA Hubby L
Ok moving on …we won’t stay on that thought.  
I saw a funny sign in the store the other day it read...
 “Shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden”
That would have made Richard laugh. Not that he was one of those husbands that complained about spending, He was wise but also generous... if it was in his means he loved to bless the people he adored. However if something wasn’t his taste I would often put it back and find the thing we could both agree on. That’s what you do in marriage...right J
So with Hubby home with Jesus I find the simple joy of just letting my taste come out in my decorating of the house this year. Not that I wouldn’t give it all up to have him make one of his silly faces at my loud, gaudy, glittery, 50’ish, shappy, yard sale, garbage billy goating taste again…
But I will find the joy were I can and share my loud, gaudy, glittery, 50’ish, shappy, yard sale, garbage billy goating taste with all of
So enjoy the baubles :)

And although I’m not doing the traditional tree thing this year... I found this sweet vintage tree stand for a steal at a local antique shop for next year. Or maybe I’ll make it into something else who knows…any ideas out there?
Well I hope you peeps are having a holly jolly Christmas season as well!


  1. Your decorations and little Christmas Village are beautiful! And what a score on that lovely vintage tree stand too. Maybe you could turn it into a candle holder? Put a beautiful glass vase on top with a candle?? That's about as far as my creativity goes, sorry.....


    1. I'm seeing it Kim that's a great idea....I was thinking maybe even a hurricane lamps with greens all around for a table centerpiece :)

  2. That would make a cool lamp shade if you can get the top off...or light fixture hung over a table...what's the underside made from? And I LOVE your style...makes me smile: )

    Love, Christine

    1. It's all one piece of metal...but that's a cool idea :)

  3. Make it into a box with my address on it. Oh my GOSH that's fantastic and I am utterly jealous. I'll cry if you turn it into something else. I love vintage in all it's original glory. That's it.. I am posting my Christmas mayhem today so you can see too.

    I love your Christmas goodies! Fantastic!!

    1. Deep breaths Sarah...I promise anything I do wouldn't be permanent. I love vintage in all it's original glory also :)
      Oh and my dogs ate the postman sorry.~Santa overlook that little fib please;)LOL
      Now we are heading over to check out your Christmas mayhem...Thanks for stopping by and checking out ours...hugs!

    2. Oh and you want to really cry I only paid 20 bucks for it....hehehe...I love a good find :)

    3. My jaw is on the floor. I have never been able to find one of those around here. I need to move to a better town with neater stores. Oh how I have envy. Shameless naughty envy. :) *hugs*

  4. Anna, I absolutely love your blog! I look forward to reading it everyday. Congrats on your new little grandson! I'm so glad you are finding JOY the Christmas season. How wonderful it must be that Richard gets to celebrate Jesus' birthday with HIM!!!


    1. Oh Anne what a beautiful took my breath away! Thanks for letting me know your out there that aways makes my day!