Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve

A method I find that works great for photographing children is to listen to their ideas. Some of them are silly and really don’t work.  But it makes it fun for them and more like a game not a photo shoot.
It was Shannie’s idea to pull out this Christmas garland

Then it was her idea to step out the door into the falling snow…giggle
And because I let a child lead me …I was blessed to get shots like theses and fun memories to last a lifetime J

She also has the greatest idea on where to hang the props when your all done with your fun…lol
Goodbye 2012
You’re a year burned into my heart till Jesus wipes away my every tear.


  1. Please tell Shannie that we said thank you for bringing so much JOY into your life. She is a very special little girl (wise beyond her years too!)

    Happy New Year Anna. We pray that 2013 brings you all good things.


    1. Kim you are so right ...she is my JOY! I just posted again today a video that shows how much joy she is to my heart!
      Happy New Year to you and yours... may blessings be your only portion this coming year!