Wednesday, November 7, 2012

He who...

…falls to sleep with the most toys wins
We are about to have snow here. I can’t wait to see what Little Ricky thinks of it. She has had many adventures already for a wee little one...  I take her everywhere with me. I know I can’t believe I have become one of those annoying people that walks around with my dog in a purse.  I’m also the girl that walked around outside my house the other night with my gun because I heard a nose I didn't like …so I haven’t changed that much…LOL.  Yeep that’s me… a pistil packing grandma with a puppy in my purse J
Thank God I have Jesus or I’d be a mess …lol


  1. Love it! You're too funny. I hope that the noise turned out to be nothing at all.

    That pic of Little Ricky is great and made me smile!


    1. Noise was nothing but I sent the Pitties out on patrol just to make sure. hehehehe