Thursday, November 8, 2012

Your such a windbag!

This is a copy of my status update on my Facebook this morning...
"You dirty stay out! I don't hang with liars and anyone who stands me up so much! We are through! Do you hear me Mr. Snow storm… through!!!"
This was his answer a few hours later...
Mind you this didn't budge during Sandy...
Well I guess he told me! lol

Well that's not going to stop the purse puppy and I...we are off to our next adventure...

Ok Mom I'm ready.
 Have a blessed day my friends and may Mr. Windbag stay off your porch.
 ~Ancient Anna Proverb J


  1. I have had that happen before and finally fastened mine to my railing using those plastic zip strip ties. I have a metal railing on my porch. I have lost my glass top table during the summer of 2011 when the wind picked it up and flipped it over onto the concrete walk. I also had the arms broken from my favorite Angel statue. I still keep her out, as I fastened a wreath where the arms used to be. Mr. Windbag has a lot of nerve! Love the cute little puppy pic! How do you blur the background out in photos?

    1. Good idea I think I will do that also. I use photoshop CS6 or by playing with my camera settings to get a smaller DOF(depth of field). You can do that by using the aperture priority mode on your camera if you have a DSLR camera.