Saturday, November 17, 2012

Restoration is not something coming.

When the Lord started to speak to my heart that he was bring restoration to my life I looked at it as something coming. It wasn’t till the other day I realized when God speaks restoration it is not something just in the future. Yes, the fullness of it often is.  But what I had not realized is it starts the minute he speaks. It’s in the little things at first…. the days without tears…. the nights when sleep does come. And if we will look for it the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to see it.  
One of the first scriptures the Lord brought me to when Richard went home was in Isaiah…and it started with... “Your days of grieving are over.” Now in the natural that sure don’t feel like that is true. However when I look at it from this new revelation that the beginning of restoration is now. I can rejoices even through my snot and tears that my days of grieving are over and that restoration has begun! So now I earnestly look for glimpse of restoration and rejoice at even the littlest ones the Lord shows me. Because one day I know I am going to look back and see how all these little pieces are going to come together into a beautiful restored life that will bring glory to the goodness of God!



  1. You're an amazing woman Anna! You speak the meaning so beautifully.


  2. Anna, this post warms my heart. We have an amazing God! I love it when I can see the way he is working in my life. I know He always does, but I don't always take time to look. Peace and comfort to you, Glory and Praise to God.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.