Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You still ravish my heart

I just wanted to share theses pictures of Richard and Jasper, I came across them the other day.  He so spoiled this little shnubbly… as he affectionately called him. Really he spoiled everyone he loved! J
With Valentine’s Day tomorrow I search my heart looking for a sadness I guess my mind thinks should be there… but it’s not. And I realized why. We lived most days like most people only live Valentine’s Day. We didn’t wait for that one day in the year to lavish our love on one another we lived a life of loving and honoring one another….it was our custom our culture not a holiday we visited one day a year. So although my beloved Valentine is not here…to touch, to hold, to kiss… and that I will miss till we are reunited in our heavenly home.  However I do not sorrow because I celebrate and will continue to celebrate that I have loved and have known love deeper and wider than I ever thought I would or could this side of heaven. And that love carries me still and is now showing me a side of the breadth, the length, the height and the depth of the Fathers love I would never know had it not been for the love of one very special silly man.



  1. OK, I'm giving you, as my Blog Sister, an assignment for next week. The goal is NOT to make me cry. OK I admit that yes, I'm a real cry baby when it comes to love and romance and remembering loved ones and sometimes even to cartoons too. I just can't help myself because your writings are so beautifully done. And... even tho today's video made me laugh (and I'm so proud of you staying so strong) I still had to shed a tear or two over your words.

    I loved seeing Jasper and Richard together. I know they shared a very special bond.

    I pray that your heart stays light tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day to my blogging friend!


    1. When I can make a week without crying sister friend then I give you a I love cry babies...Richard was a bigger cry baby then me. I would tease him when we watched a movie and look over and he was being a sap. So don't be hopeful I'm gonna cut you a break...hahahahaha
      Happy Valentines day to you too sweets...have a wonderful day with your man and those fur babes! Oh and tell Grandpa Bob I made him my Valentines... cause he's just so cute ;) If you all lived closer I would have taken him out for dinner so you could have a nice evening with the hubby. So I guess you just have to put him to bed early. ;)

  2. You and Richard are just the sweetest!!! You are a blessed woman!