Monday, February 11, 2013

My problems don’t equal my promises.

Yup it’s all about perspective. As far as Lil Ricky was concerned from her point of view we had a big blizzard over the weekend.  She didn’t see any weather man reports and she sure wasn’t disappointed in the amount of snow we had. 
That is what was going through my mind as I watched her having a blast dashing through the snow. 
I have been finding many days grief tries to make me think life and living is behind me. Just because it isn’t what I expected it to be, and that I will never enjoy it like I have in the past. But when I turn my perspective to life is not behind me but is in front of me. I find a great peace.  Fortunately our circumstances don’t dictate the future.  And the more I look to God and the word I find He saves the best for last.  Even though right now my life and wonderful marriage to my sweet Richard feels like it had to be the pinnacle of my life. I fight not to succumb to that thought. Not that any part of me can even imagine anything else giving me as much joy or even more... but because I have to believe GOD SAVES THE BEST FOR LAST!  So whatever that is I don’t know but I know when I keep my perspective there I find an excitement well up in me. And I sense the Lord and Richard smiling down every time I allow that anticipation to flood my soul.

And the LORD blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning…
Job 42:12

I found this song AFTER I wrote this blog when I was looking up that scripture.


This is spoken at (3:31) in this song….love, love, love it! 
Now lift up your hands all over this building.  And receive
the word of the Lord.  You may have come through some situations
and circumstances.  Look at me for a minute.  How many of you
know that the Bible declares that the end of a thing is better than
the beginning of a thing.  God knows the end from the beginning,
and God promises that the glory of the latter house shall be greater
than the glory of the former house.  I just want to take a moment
right now and minister to those of you that have been through
something, and the enemy has lied to you, and told you that the
best is behind you.  I’ve come to call the devil a liar, and say that
the best is in front of you, that your latter will be greater, that you
haven’t seen anything yet.  Your best days, and your blessed days,
they are ahead of you.  That your problems don’t equal your
promises.  The Devil’s “no” cannot compete with God’s “yes.” 
Sing the best is yet to come!   


  1. awesome post and song. Bless you Anna!

  2. So true! Blessings to you Anna.

    1. Thank you Anne...blessings right back at ya!

  3. We just have to smile at your little "snow plow" trudging thru the snow. You could shovel all the paths in the world for Little Ricky but the best one is the one she did all by herself. (ummmmm, I think there's a little lesson in there someplace)

    This is a beautiful post Anna! So much to be learned by it.


    1. Preach it sista...that is a message for sure!