Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Everything happens for a reason

I already posted this on my FB a few days ago for my friends and family but I wanted to also share it here with my blogger friends who have shared my journey thus far. I heard this song on a movie the other night and thought it was perfect for a video I have been wanting to put together in memory of my Beloved Richard. I know the love God gave us was a treasure and I will never stop celebrating and being thankful for that. J

Just a Note: The doves in the beginning of this video would often be on our roof last summer early in the morning cooing away. I just happened to come across some pictures of them recently and remembered how one day there was only one dove and then I don’t really remember see them after that. So when the pictures jarred that memory I was driving down the road pondering it and said to the Lord “was that some kind of sign?” And just as I asked I turned the corner on our road and up in a tree there was about 15 or 20 doves. First I’ve never seen that many doves together …I don’t even know if that’s normal but I do know what I saw. I have to say I laughed out loud with delight because it was also around the time God started talking to me about how he had so much more for me in life. So THAT I did take as a sign of the abundant life I know God still has for me.



  1. I have no words to express how beautiful...

  2. First I've got to say through my MANY tears, that was BEAUTIFUL! I had to watch it many, many times. The first time I looked at all the pictures. My second time through, I closed my eyes and listened to the beautiful song you picked out. Third I listened and watched (well at least what I could see.) I don't know how you did it! I give you a lot of credit for getting it done. You must have dug really deep and found your inner strength. (I know when I made one for my Mom's memorial, I was an emotional mess for over a month while working on it.)

    You're amazing Anna!


  3. Dear Anne and Kim,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this journeying with me my beautiful blogger friends. Modern technology has made it amazing to be children of God in this time and age…. and has given us a way to extend His hands and His love to many people… which both of you do so well and you make Papa God proud! I may never met you face to face this side of heaven, but I know there are many who I will meet when we all finally get home… and know the minute we lock eyes who you are….you two for sure! You my friends are all amazing to me!