Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Short dark and handsome...

Yup that's how I like my men nowadays.

I wish Jazzy loved me as much as he loved Richard. Not for me but for him. I've never seen him excited to see me as he was to see his Daddy.  I want him to be happy like that again. That's why I want him to fall in love with me.  

Sometimes I like to imagine when I'm not around God lets Richard come down and play with him. I know it's a silly thought but it makes me smile.  

One thing I do find so amazing is how he knows Richard is gone. He never barks when it's that time Richard should be coming home from work like he always did. I wonder how does he know?

So my little man how am I going to make you love me?


  1. Bacon in your pockets ;) You have such a wonderful heart for dogs *hugs*

    1. Oh my Lord if I put bacon in my pockets I would be mauled by a pack of dogs....But I guess I would be loved...hahahahaha.

  2. I know how you feel! Muffin is the same way. Tho she loves me so much, it's a different love than the love she gave my Mom. Give it time my friend, give it time. It took Muffin quite awhile to truly share her heart.


    1. Oh thank you Kim for reminding me about Muffin. And giving me hope! Hugs oh and I'm still praying. ;)