Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Foiled again

I sometimes wonder when I turn around and find the dogs lined up like this if they are plotting some kind of takeover?

Drat’s! Our plan foiled once again.


  1. You must have your camera hanging around you neck all the time :) You get the greatest shots! I love all their little faces!

    Have a great day Miss Anna

    1. Pretty much...lol. I was actually taking a picture of something else and turned around and had to laugh how they are always right behind me...so this time I just snapped a picture. Richard always called me the pied piper of dogs... because he said he would look out the window as I walked back and forth in the yard and the dogs would always be right behind me just walk with no matter how many times I went up and down the yard...lol

  2. That look in their eyes says it all! Yup ~ foiled again.