Thursday, February 28, 2013

The face of love

I often find Gwendolyn doing this when Shannie first gets here. She will find a place across the room from wherever Shannie is and just stare at her with such intensity. 
It's as if she is studying her. 

I just find it simply beautiful all the love God has poured into this tiny little sausage doggies heart for this golden haired girlie.

When Gwenie came to us as a foster dog. My first thought about her was… "Wow I hope she gets adopted fast!"  She was fact I nick named her the wild child. lol.  But God had other plans and I now know He sent this silly stinking wild child just for Shannie. 

They are making the kind of little girl and her dog memories every grown woman should have to look back on. 


  1. Such sweet little girlies you have :)

    1. Thank you Anne... Shannie is my heart and Gwenie is the heartbeat at our them both dearly. :)