Saturday, February 23, 2013

Did you miss us?

Well we sure missed bloggerville . And here is why...

We were finally having the generator installed that we purchased right after Sandy.  Yeah we were never going through that again!  So this is why no blog yesterday. This was an 8 hour job...which is a big ordeal with a pack of dogs and all kinds of strange power tool noises and banging's going on.  But at the end of the day I felt like I made it through another milestone since Richard left for home. Dealing with all this and the dogs without Richard I didn't think I could do... but I did! And because I'm so accustom to helping my husband in any home project I just did what I natural do and lent a hand...but they so appreciate it they took a few hundred dollars off my bill. (Lord thank you for favor!) Now when I get to heaven I'm gonna have to give the Hubby a hard time...he never paid me! LOL

 I also appreciate people that do things with excellence and this crew sure did.

 And they were pleasant and professional.

 The bible says give honor were honors due.  So if anyone in the Eastern Pa area is looking to install a generator I highly recommend...Volkert Electric 610-377-5796.

Oh and I also have to recommend great neighbors.
Two of mine called me to make sure I was not being robbed when they saw the strange trucks in my driveway. 
I love my neighbors! 
So now when the power goes out dear neighborhood you all know where to come for warmth, water and a doggie for your
And as God would say...
 "Let there be LIGHT!"

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