Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Typical Pit Bull

Now that’s typical Pit Bull behavior. 

They are the biggest goofballs….Yup I love my Pitty!

I have owned Pit Bulls for years and they truly are the best dogs.
It is a shame that they have been given such a bad rap and have been exploited by ignorant people.
And what it is they exploit is not their strength…there are stronger breeds. It is their loyalty to their human…their willingness to do anything for you. That’s why people fight them. Because they will die for you.  Not that I believe everyone should own a Pit Bull.  But I don’t believe everyone should own a Yorkie either…and then there're some people I don’t think should own a hamster…but that’s a whole other issue…lol. My point is your lifestyle needs to meet your dogs needs and each breed has its own unique doggie needs.  I can’t say it enough to people "do your research before you get a dog, find out everything you can about that breed." 
Ok I’ll get off my soap box now…can you tell I’m just a little zealous about dogs…lol


  1. We have a good furry friend named Tari who is a pitty. He is the most loving little man who loves to cuddle with Lily. And he thinks that any human laps are all his too.

    They are not bad dog's. It's the dumb humans who make them bad!

    What a great post in support of pit bulls!


    1. Agreed Kim…Not that people should just walk up to any Pit bull and think they are all great…man has made some Pitty’s very dangerous. In fact you shouldn't walk up to any dog without asking the owner if the dog is safe to pet. Every dog bite I have incurred has been from some little stinker…lol
      I’m glad Lily has a Pitty to love. My Dachshund’s love Jebediah …I think they are really using him as a heating pad…lol

  2. I totally agree! My uncle had a pit bull when I was little. Her name was Kitty. She was a lover. We could lay on her and snuggle with her. Now my mom and dad have a pit/lab mix on the farm and he is such a nut. He wags his whole body when he wags his tail and he greets you by pushing his big block head between your legs LOL!

    I'm sure your dachies are totally using Jeb for a heating pad :)