Friday, February 8, 2013

Holy Moly Mother of Pearl!

Weather man is forecasting up to 16 inches of snow for our area!
So here's a picture out the door before the blizzard of 2013. And if I can open the door tomorrow I will post the after picture.

So for now we are watching and waiting for Nemo the storm…

I think I see something!

 I pray everyone in the path of this storm be safe and enjoy the snow!


  1. We've been watching the weather too (tho we really don't know why as these days we prefer palm trees). We hope that you have the pantry stocked with plenty of dog bones.

    We can't wait to see just how much snow you end up with. I bet it will be beautiful! Just stay safe and don't lose any of those pretty puppers in the snow.


    1. I find myself watching weather for other states also...who know why we do I promise I won't lose anyone for long in the snow...sometimes we do have a few seconds of missing pups if they run out the door in the morning before I can get a path shoveled...but they always float back to the top...hehehe