Monday, February 4, 2013

Comfort and pain

Memories…they can be such a comfort at times and then at other times so painful. Because they can be a reminder to us of the great void left in our lives when a loved one makes the journey home before us.  Yesterday was one of those very painful memory days. You never know what’s going to trigger it…that wave of overwhelming grief that tries to sweep you under.  For me it started with my ride to church. Shannie in the backseat with her beautiful little girl chatter…couldn’t even stop it.  All it took was snow covered roads and a scary slide of the car coming off the mountain we live on.  I almost turned around…but I was determined to face my fears of driving in bad weather.  But that’s when the wave started… Wishing my husband was here...the memories of how he took such good care of me…feeling so scared and afraid and alone…. tears…sobbing tear started running down my face. All the way to church and through most of the worship….I couldn’t stop crying. Even for my sweet Shannie...who I know was so distraught by my tears.  At one point she asked “Grammy why are you crying so hard?” and I told her “I just miss Poppy. “ And she said with a big grin…” he’s right here always Grammy, don’t be sad”…and she pointed to my heart. …Yes out of the mouth of babes.  So just like you never know what will trigger it… you never know how the sweet Lord is going to calm that raging storm that is screaming around you and trying to make itself look bigger then God.  It started to calm with my dear Shannie’s words…but God wasn’t done.  A young man who Richard and I regard as one of our spiritual sons came and wrapped his arms around me and held me as I sobbed and spoke such words of encouragement to me.  And as if that wasn’t enough…when I got home I sat down to read the paper that I just started having delivered to the house and someone had taken out a large ad to remember her husband…who was incidentally named Richard.  This line in her memorial was such confirmation and comfort to my broken heart. 
When you lean on trusted friends and their caring hugs enfold you within their loving arms, I’ll be there to hold you….I am with you always.

Yes ….a broken and sorrowful heart God will never overlook.
He knows how to rescue us like no other. What a blessing it is when God steps in the pathway of our pain with the tenderness of His love.

So like I stared with ...some memories can bring such pain but some can bring such comfort.
Like this day we had one summer with the dogs :)

But most are a mixture of both comfort and pain.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. God bless you Anna.

  2. There are just no words to describe the heavy heart I have when you are in pain like that. All I can do is keep you in my prayers and ask for better days ahead. I will sit here awhile and hold your hand because you are my friend.

    As for Shannie, a girl wise beyond her years!


    1. Kim you are so special and thank you for holding my hand friend. That was perfect :) Thank you for your prayers...big hugs!

      Shannie is such a wise old owl isn't she!

  3. Hugs coming to you today from Georgia. You are so blessed to have Shannie. She is a beautiful little girl with a beautiful heart. I hope your day today will be a good one.

    1. Thank you Jane...and yeah Georgia. One of my Dachshunds is from fact her name is Georgia Brown...but we call her Gigi.
      And I agree Shannie is one of my greatest blessing! God put a whole lot of WOW in that one little package! She's amazing!

      Big hugs


  4. oh Anna, I know the pain you are talking about... we are all here to give you lots of love and encouragement. Sending hugs your way!

    1. Thank you Sharon..I know you understand...and i'm so sorry you do. Loves, hugs and encouragement back to you.