Saturday, February 2, 2013

My week through the lens

I don't think a day goes by that I haven't take a picture of this is some of my week in pictures.

Every time I run to town I pass this lovely little farm but I never have taken a picture of it…till this week.

 "Safe in your arms"

Shannie said to me this week “ever since Poppy died I’m scared my Gwenie is going to die.” …I know made me tear up too.

 Butterscotch who is trying to get to whatever Miss Shannie is eating…the little sneak!

 My girl wants to potty all the time, potty all the time…
Lil Ricky getting in her potty break before we left for the dentist office. She got to watch Shannie get a perfect check up…yeah Shannie! :D

 Some things are just black and white

 Sent out baby shower invitations this week.
Soon and very soon I will be kissing my sweet grandsons face!

 This is Gwenie keeping an eye on Shannie as she plays.
I love catching these silly moments.

So there is a glimpse of my week through the lens.
Have a blessed day and go snap yourself some memories.
There’re happening all around you J 


  1. So beautiful Anna! And of course, we always giggle when we see Shannie. You tell her that she needs to take care of Gwenie for Poppy. They do make a great pair.

    And just how old is that Butterscotch? Such a beautiful little face.

    Your week in pictures is wonderful and we loved every moment of it.

    Your grandbaby is going to be one lucky little man having you for a Grandma!


    1. That's what I keep telling him...I'm always saying to my daughters belly...."Waylon this is your favorite Grammy"
      And yes Shannie and I had a long talk and a nice prayer to the Lord to help our hurting heart. And she had some extra days this week to snuggle with Gwenie so I know that helped.
      That red girl is one of my seniors...she's an old girl...and such a sweet love :)

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    1. Thank you Anne! I wrote Anna the first time...had to delete