Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Very Special Day!

Well today is a very special day Lil Ricky, and because of that I think anything can happen. You see today is my Mommy’s Birthday and I decided to blog all about what an amazing woman she is!
What makes my Mom so amazing is not just all the Mom things she has done through the years… from kissing boo boos to praying me through my prodigal time.  Or just her Mom comforts, like… big hugs, a warm meal, a perfectly timed phone call …a word of wisdom when nothing is making sense in my upside down world. Or the really big things...like how she could stand with her grief stricken daughter feet from her husband’s body as we waited for what seemed like hours for the coroner to get there before they would let me near him. I can’t even imagine what the last few months have been like for my Mom. To not only loss her beloved son- in- law whom she loved and who loved her dearly…but then also watch her own child go through such heartbreak.  I know she has pushed aside her own grief to be there for me.  I just want you to know Mom I see.  And yes all these things make my Mom so amazing but really what makes my Mom the most amazing to me is how she loves Jesus.   Because her steadfast love for Him has spoken louder and taught me more and is why I know I’m going to make it…because she has taught me through her actions to keep my eyes on Him.
Mom may you have a beautiful, blessed…

And may the sky be the limit this year for all God has for you!
I love you so very much Mom!